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Nordic oat bran concentrates

High fibre oat concentrates for adding nutrition, fibre and protein into various food applications.

Healthy fibers and great nutritional values with Oat bran concentrates

Raisio’s Oat bran concentrates contain all the goodness of oats in a concentrated form. They are rich in beta-glucan, which is extremely healthy soluble fiber. They are naturally produced, non-gmo, easy to process and offer numerous health benefits.

High fiber Oat bran concentrates

We offer high fiber Oat bran concentrates specifically developed for adding nutrition, fiber and protein into various food applications from bakery products to meat alternatives. Oat bran concentrates have all the needed nutritional benefits in one product, including high fiber, beta-glucan and protein values. In addition they are great in creating desired texture in applications.

To products

Flexible solution for various food applications

Ready to use

Oat bran concentrates are ready to use and have neutral taste

They offer many benefits in regards of production processes. They have great water binding capacity, for example in bread, processed meat or meat alternatives. They also have high viscosity which results in good thickening properties in many applications. They are also well suitable for extrusion processes, which broadens their use into various different applications, such as meat alternatives.

Easy to add

Oat bran concentrates can be added easily in various applications

Oat bran concentrates are especially useful in all kinds of sweet and savoury bakery products, but they can also be easily added to biscuits and snack bars, breakfast cereals, muesli and porridge, meat and meat alternative applications and sport nutrition.

Many health claims approved in Europe can be obtained by using our Oat bran concentrates.

Health and value for the consumer

Nutritional benefits

The use of Oat bran concentrates in various applications gives consumers many desired benefits in building healthy diet. Our concentrates are high in fiber and betaglucan and they are a good quality plant protein source too. They are also a source of natural vitamins and minerals. What’s more, they provide essential nutrients and sustaining energy for everybody.

Marketing with health benefits


As a versatile ingredient with multiple business opportunities, oat bran concentrates are the key for innovative food applications boosted with the health benefits of oats. Increasing the beta-glucan and dietary fibre content brings added value to consumers and raises the health perception of your brand. Moreover, EU-approved health claims for oat beta-glucan can be used in marketing.

Naturally produced

Raisio’s oat bran is processed in a natural way; therefore, no chemical extraction steps are needed. Bran separation and concentration is based on fine milling and air fractionation, allowing oat beta-glucan and other nutrients remain in their native form.

Oat bran concentrates have plenty of protein, vitamins and minerals in their native forms. It also has beneficial fatty acid composition. Oats contain more soluble fibers than any other grain, resulting in slower digestion and an extended sensation of fullness, among other things.

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