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Our Brands

Consumer insights guide our well-known brands' development.

Our beloved brands

Our well-known and beloved brands are part of everyday life in millions of households. Our international brands are Beanit®, Benecol® and Elovena®. Our local brands include Benella®, Sunnuntai®, Nalle® and Torino® as well as Baltic Blend® fish feeds.

Consumer insights and data guide our brand development. Read below more of our global brands.

Benecol logo UK

Beanit | Me rakastamme ruokaa ja kotimaista härkäpapua

Beanit® – Fabalicious food for human beans!

Beanit is the world’s first plant-based protein product made from Nordic Fava beans. Our food is rich, fulfilling and delicious. Just enjoy the taste, and the rest will follow.


Elovena® – Naturally healthy oat products

Elovena is an iconic oat brand from Finland. Elovena has been making naturally healthy products from oats grown in dedicated Finnish fields since 1925. You can trust in the fact that Elovena is the natural, tasty and sustainable choice. Elovena is the most valued and recognized oat brand in Finland.

Benecol logo UK

Benecol® – Kind choice to your heart

The only range of foods to contain plant stanol ester, the unique cholesterol-lowering ingredient. Plant stanol ester has been shown to lower cholesterol. High cholesterol is a risk factor in the development of coronary heart disease. Find out more of our hearth healthy products.