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Got plants to grow?

Plants make better plans for global food business.

The reliable partner for plant-based ingredients

We offer you a choice to use gluten-free oats, fibers, sustainable plant proteins in a variety of ways. Grown sustainably under the Nordic skies, produced responsibly in our modern facilities and becoming the beloved customers’ choice.


Gluten free oats

Healthy and gluten-free oats for the food industry – sustainable and safe choice

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Jauhot ja hiutaleet lehti

Oat bran concentrates

Easy way to add healthy fibers and great nutritional values with Oat bran concentrates

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Beanit lehti

Plant proteins

Broaden your plant-based offering with tasty and easy solutions!

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Application support

We see partnership important and want to help to support our customers in their challenges and gain further understanding about their needs.

Contact us and let’s find ways to grow sustainably together!


Experience in B2B and B2C products

We are the forerunner in gluten-free oats and plant proteins with experience in B2B and B2C products. We will share our know-how and help you choose the best possible ingredients for your applications and offering.

Strong consumer insight based on brand knowledge.

Our extensive know-how to process high-quality Finnish oats into more than 100 oat based products and knowledge of trending plant proteins is at your use.

Contract manufacturing – gluten free & sustainable solutions

We offer contract manufacturing of gluten-free plant-based drinks and oat flakes.  As the biggest oat producer in Finland, Raisio’s high production capacity equals a secure supply, short lead times and a wide range of solutions.

From us, food innovators and companies receive a loyal partner with a solid understanding of recipes, raw materials, product chains, consumer research and the importance of consultancy and customer support.

Contract manufacturing

We produce the products sustainably in Finland with high quality, best possible product safety and full traceability.


Intrested of contract manufacturing?

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