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Plant-based products for industrial use

Gluten-free oats – Conventional & Organic

We offer wide range of gluten-free oats for the needs of food industry. Our oats are grown in Finland and are always sure to be gluten-free, safe and sustainable. We offer both conventional and organic varieties of oat groats, oat flakes and oat flours.


Oat fiber ingredients

We offer high fiber Oat ingredients specifically developed for adding nutrition, fiber and protein into various food applications from bakery products to plant-based drinks. Our Oat fiber ingredients include Oat bran concentrates, which have all the needed nutritional benefits in one product and Oat bran, which is ideal to enhance the fiber amount.

Our fiber ingredients are rich in Beta-Glucan, which is extremely healthy soluble fiber. They are also natural, easy to process and offer numerous health benefits.


Beanit® Plant proteins

Our plant proteins consist of versatile Beanit® plant proteins which are the choice for restaurants, public sector and other food service operators for offering delicious and sustainable plant-based food. They can be used as a meat replacement or as an ingredient in meat alternative applications.

Beanit® products are made from fava bean and pea and are offered in different forms and flavours. All the products are high in protein, gluten-free, soy-free – and of course 100% plant-based.


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