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Beanit Korean Hot Dog

Beanit® Fava bean mince Korean hot dog

Beanit® sausage
0.500 kg Beanit® Fava bean mince, Unflavoured 2.5 kg
0.200 l water
0.100 kg bread crumbs (gluten free)
0.010 kg potato flour
0.100 kg carrot, grated
0.050 kg onion, grated
0.005 kg crushed garlic
0.002 kg ginger paste
0.005 kg gochujang, chili paste
Hot dog
10 pcs hot dog bun
0.200 kg red cabbage and carrot coleslaw
0.050 kg red onion, julienned
0.050 kg mayonnaise (vegan)
0.005 kg gochujang sauce: sesame oil, rice vinegar and gochujang
0.005 kg roasted onion flakes
Cooking method
  1. Mash all of the sausage ingredients together in a food processor and form into sausages. Fry on a pan or bake in the oven until crispy.
  2. Assemble the hot dogs. Top with mayonnaise and roasted onion. Serve the gochujang sauce in a bowl.