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Beanit Pasta Salad

Beanit® Fava bean mince pasta salad

0.700 kg Beanit® Fava bean mince, Unflavoured
0.600 kg pasta (gluten free)
0.500 kg lettuce/mixed lettuce
0.600 kg cherry tomatoes, different colours
Ginger and herb oil
0.200 l olive oil
0.005 kg ginger paste
0.005 kg garlic paste
0.001 kg light syrup
0.001 kg salt
0.010 kg fresh herbs (basil, oregano etc.)
Cooking method
  1. Boil the pasta (al dente) and sauté the fava
    bean mince on a pan until crisp. Let cool.
  2. Prepare the ginger and herb oil by blending all
    of the ingredients well and allow to sit. Shred
    the lettuce and cut the tomatoes into wedges
    in the serving dish.
  3. Sprinkle the pasta and fava bean mince
    mixture onto the lettuce in the serving dish.
    Pour some of the ginger and herb oil over the
    salad and pour the rest into a jug for serving.


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