Beanit® plant proteins

Beanit® plant proteins are the choice for food industry and food service operators for offering delicious and sustainable plant-based food. 

Deliciously from fava bean and oats

Our plant protein products consist of versatile Beanit® plant proteins. They are perfect meat alternatives in plant-based dishes and also ideal ingredients in meat alternative applications. The key ingredients are locally harvested Finnish fava bean and oats, which are our prides.   
Beanit® is always:

high in protein
100% plant-based
Beanit® line of plant proteins consists of products in different forms and flavours, including both dry and wet texturized products. 
Wet texturized proteins

Ready-to-use meal components

The Beanit® Chunks and Mince provide an easy and tasty answer to the rapidly growing demand for protein rich vegetarian and vegan options. Choose from various flavour options to suit best your needs!

Beanit® Fava Bean Chunks and Mince

Beanit® Chunks and Mince find their place in many dishes and cooking methods. They are ready to use and provide a tasty option applicable to all sorts of cooking and preparing methods. They can be used as a meat replacement or just as a delicious plant-based food. They can be pan fried, simmered, cooked in oven or prepared cold. They are also ready to be used in both warm and cold applications. The products come pre-cooked enabling a short preparation time when used any common dish, cuisine or food process.
There are only three main ingredients: Finnish fava bean for taste, nutrition and texture, pea protein to perfect the mouthfeel and bite and fresh water. Onto this we add a little rapeseed oil with or without seasoning to further enhance flavour and usability. That’s it – no funnies, all taste.
The Beanit Chunks and Mince are developed to be as convenient as possible. Thus the products are delivered in vacuum packs which enables ambient storage and a long shelf-life of 6 to 8 months. This makes possible to work with customers in various roles in the value chain, ranging from industrial players and food service to retail environments.



Package: 2,5kg

The Fava bean Chunks are the perfect choice for many dishes, such as pastas, woks, stews, salads, tortillas, pitas and burgers – or simply served with a good dip. They have a familiar texture with tender mouthfeel with good bite. They get deliciously crispy when pan-fried, but are also ideal to be prepared in oven. They are ideal in Asian or Mexican cuisine but also for milder Nordic dishes.

Versatile and tasty plant protein in strip form. Fava bean chunks are made of fava bean and pea protein and they are high in protein (min. 25%) and gluten-free. 

The available flavours are:


Neutral in taste with natural flavour of the fava bean


Seasoned with Mediterranean spices, garlic and herbs


Mildly seasoned with lemon and herbs. A touch of sweetness


A rich combination of the roundness of fava bean and the taste and heat of chili.




Package: 2,5kg 

Fava bean Mince is a smaller shredded size of the Fava bean chunk. The Mince is ideal in sauces, pizzas, casseroles, pies, sauces, as fillings or as a salad topping. It also works well as a substitute for cooked minced meat. Unflavoured mince is neutral to maximize the applicability when used by food industry and food service professionals. Flavoured versions are ready to be used in various cuisines.

Versatile and tasty plant protein in minced form. Fava bean mince is made of fava bean and pea protein and they are high in protein (min. 25%) and gluten-free.

The available flavours are:


Neutral in taste with natural flavour of the fava bean


Rich and full-bodied umami flavour


Mildly seasoned with lemon and herbs. A touch of sweetness

Dry texturized proteins

Ingredients for tasty meat-like products

Healthy and versatile protein ingredients for food industry and 
food service. Ideal in plant-based meat alternatives and as 
protein components in dishes. 

Beanit® Textured Protein Minces

Our textured proteins are perfect in plant-based meat replacing applications and hybrid products, such as burgers, nuggets, sauces, tacos and fillings. We offer fava bean- and oat-based options, which are both ideal in adding protein and meat-like texture and juicy mouthfeel into various foods.
Our Protein Minces:
are neutral in taste
retain the shape and firm texture in applications
absorb water, flavours and colours quickly


Beanit® Textured Fava Protein Mince TFP60M

Package: 8 kg
TFP60M is a healthy and versatile protein ingredient made from fava bean and pea proteins. It is ideal for food industry looking for new innovations and opportunities in plant-based food. It is full of protein (60%) and works as a healthy and sustainable ingredient for a variety of plant-based and meat alternative applications, such like burgers, balls, sauces and fillings. It brings meat-like, juicy and firm texture while enabling good flavours with its neutral taste profile – also perfect for bringing high protein content into applications. TFP60M keeps its firm texture and mouthfeel well after hydration.
Gluten-free & Soy-free
High protein & Fiber
Sustainable & Healthy


Beanit® Textured Oat-Plant Protein Mince TOP45M

Package: 8 kg
A healthy oat-based ingredient which brings the good qualities of oats grown in Finnish fields and the protein of legumes to foods in a single product. Designed as a healthy ingredient for various plant-based food. A hydrated product brings great texture into meat-like applications such as nuggets, burgers, sauces and fillings. It contains a high amount (17%) of fiber from oats. It includes also healthy soluble fiber beta-glucan, which may enable the use of an EU-approved health claim for its cholesterol-lowering effect.* TOP45M is a perfect way to include healthy Nordic oats into your products!

Gluten-free & Soy-free
High protein & Fiber
Contains betaglucan
Sustainable & Healthy
* the final product containing the mince must contain at least 1 g of beta-glucan per serving.

Beanit® Oat Mince

Package: 2,5 kg

Pre-seasoned Oat Mince is designed to perfectly complement plant-based recipes. It brings the good qualities of oats grown in Finnish fields and the protein of legumes to foods. Oat Mince can be fried in an oven or in a pan and used as a protein component. Ideal as a substitute for minced meat in favorite recipes. The product is pre-seasoned with pepper and onion and is ready to be heated or added to various dishes.


Certified production and regional farming

The production facility of our plant proteins stands in the town of Kauhava. Production at the modern facility began in the spring of 2019. The facility is gluten- and soy-free. Our aim is to employ more and more farmers and subcontractors in Finland, particularly in the Kauhava region. Being a highly active member of the community is essential to us. Right now our beans are sourced in the Kauhava region and in the neighboring county of Häme.

The facility has the FSSC 22000 certificate

The facility has the FSSC 22000 certificate, more precisely covering ISO 22000:2018, ISO/TS 22002-1:2009 and the additional requirements of FSSC 22000’s fifth version.

Certification confirms that our products contain what they are supposed to and only that, they remain tasty and nutritious according to the promises and they are safe to produce for our employees. In addition, when it comes to ingredients, our procurement follows the strictest quality guidelines.



Upgrade your products with plant proteins

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