Raisio Food Solutions

Healthy Finnish plant-based food solutions for your sustainable growth.

Raisio Food Solutions

Specialized in gluten-free oats and tasty plant proteins

Raisio, established in 1939, is a Finnish food company specializing in healthy, responsibly produced
food and ingredients. In our products, the focus is on well-being, health, good taste and sustainable
development. We’ve been the leading gluten-free oat experts for over two decades and are also known for delicious fava bean-based plant proteins. During our long history, we have become a leading oat producer and have the most famous oat and plant protein brands in Finland.

Our comprehensive know-how means we can help you choose the optimal oat ingredients for your needs. Our expertise is driven by our extensive experience in utilizing oats in various products and trending categories. Additionally, we derive up-to-the-minute insights into consumer trends from our well-known consumer brands. We use our expertise to process oats in over 100 consumer products – and we’re happy to put that know-how at our partners’ disposal.






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For food industry

The choice for oats

We offer the food industry a vast range of oat-based ingredients which will help answering to the needs of health conscious customers and enhance their wellbeing. Our oat expertise will guarantee our customers have the best ingredients for their needs and offering.

For Food Service

Your customers’ choice with value-adding plant-based solutions

Food Service will find our Nordic gluten-free oats and plant-protein products highly interesting. They offer variety of opportunities ranging from ready plant-based meal solutions to healthy and multifunctional oat ingredients for baking and snacking.

For distributors

Effective cooperation for responsible choices

We offer wide range of plant-based and gluten-free products that will widen and strengthen your portfolio. We help you to find the most suitable ingredients for your needs.

The gluten-free oat experts for over 20 years

Raisio started developing gluten-free flour mixes in 1979, same year when the Codex gluten-free standard was established. We were one of the first companies in the world to establish the pure oat supply chain in the early 2000 in Finland and in 2020 we updated our process with state-of-the-art technology. We were forerunners 20 years ago and we are forerunners now.


Enable the growth with high-quality value-adding ingredients

We offer solutions for responsible growth with our high-quality and safe ingredients. As our partner, you can always be confident that our products, right packaging solutions and security of supply will support your operations today and tomorrow. Our product range covers a vast range of high-quality gluten-free oat ingredients and oat-based meat alternatives that will lead the way to your customers hearts.

Raisio Food Solutions is the choice for oats for all the food makers and lovers. Team up with us to secure safe and sustainable options for your business and for your customer's needs.​

Raisio food solutions

Finnish origin

Our nordic climate brings out the best in oats and fava bean, our beloved main ingredients, which love bitterly cold winters and draw all their energy from short, intense summers. Because of our harsh northern conditions, our oats and fava bean used in our products do not need a lot of fertilisers or pesticides to grow.

Clean water, pure air and the midnight sun all contribure to the extraorinary quality of our ingredients. And this is not only evident from the golden yellow colour of the oat grains, you can also taste it in the nutty flavour.

Our oats come from Raisio’s contract farmers located near our oat mill. Our fava beans are also 100% Finnish and sourced in the vicinity of our factory.

Raisio food solutions

Modern factories

Modern and highly-automated plants ensure stable quality, best possible product safety and full traceability. Our newest factories are specifically designed and built to process and manufacture plant-based raw materials and products. The factories are automated, which from the customer’s perspective means minimized human error, consistent quality and the best possible product safety.

Raisio food solutions

A Focused European healthy food company

Raisio is an international company specialized in healthy, responsibly produced food, ingredients and fish feeds. Our well-known brands include, for example, Benecol, Elovena and Beanit.

In Raisio’s products, the focus is on well-being, health, good taste and sustainable development. Profitable growth is ensured through our strong expertise and passion for creating new.

Our food

Good for Health, Heart and Earth

Raisio’s strategic focus is on healthy and tasty food. With healthy food, Raisio relies on the generally approved concepts confirmed by the science of nutrition. We pay special attention to the good taste, amount of wholemeal and fibre, quality of fat and the amount of sugar and salt.

In the product development, we use the company’s own category-specific healthiness criteria, in which all important health-related aspects are taken into account.

Sustainable production

Raisio is a leading oat producer in Finland

Our high production capacity means a secure supply, short lead times, a wide range of offerings and competitive pricing.

Traceability and safety: We collaborate with our contract farmers and control our short and transparent supply chain to get you traceable and high quality oats. We source most of our oats from less than 100km radius from our mill.


Got plants to grow?

If you are hungry for plant-based sustainable growth, we support your way with our team of food professionals. We co-create healthy and tasty eating habits for the future, together with our customers with sustainable and reliable ingredients and products.

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