Gluten-free oats

Raisio Food Solutions offers wide range of gluten-free oats for the needs of food industry and bakeries.

Food business opportunities with gluten-free oats

Raisio Food Solutions offers a suitable oat ingredient for many applications, such as cereals, porridge, bakery products, snacks, cookies and oat dairy products.

Our oats are grown in Finland and are always sure to be gluten-free, safe and sustainable. We offer both conventional and organic varieties of oat groats, oat flakes and oat flours. Our ingredients are naturally produced, non-gmo, easy to process and offer numerous health benefits.

We collaborate with our contract farmers and control our short and transparent supply chain to get you traceable and high quality oats. The purest air and water, good varieties and skilled farmers yield highest quality products.

Plant the Growth with Nordic Oat

Did you know that oats are one of the healthiest grains on earth? Besides being good for your tummy, they also taste yummy. By adding the trendy oat-based goods to your selection, you can answer to the needs of your customers and enhance their wellbeing with a gluten-free whole grain. Let’s embrace oats as a great source of important vitamins, minerals, fibre, and antioxidants. We introduce you to oats’ benefits and how you can utilize them in products.

Oat is full of fibre

Oats are extremely rich in fibre containing soluble beta-glucan that makes them a high-quality and well-absorbing source of nutrition.

Oat is nutritionally rich

Oats contain protein, good healthy fats and important micronutrients such as iron, calcium, vitamin E, magnesium, vitamin B1 and folic acid in significant amounts.

Oat is naturally gluten-free

Oats are gluten-free and suitable for most people, even with limited diets. Oats have a more balanced nutritional content than many other gluten-free cereal.

Oat matches health awareness

Oats are recommended by nutritionists worldwide. They have become a preferable alternative for aware consumers.

Gluten-free oat groats

We offer oat kernels and steel cut oat groats. They are suitable for wide range of cooking and needs of the food industry.


Gluten-free oat kernel

Package: 1000 kg
Heat-treated dehulled gluten-free oat kernels. Kernels are suitable for a wide range of cooking and needs of the food industry. Whole grains makes a good oven porridge, which has nice texture. Kernels could be used instead of rice as a healthy side dish.


Gluten-free steel cut groats

Package: 20 kg / big bag
Gluten-free wholegrain steel cut oat groats are whole kernels that have been cut into two or three pieces. Cutting reduces the cooking time. Oat groats gluten-free retain their shape even after cooking and have a nice chewy texture. Groats are perfect to add texture for stuffing and a healthy alternative for rice. Steel oats are also referred to as pinhead oatmeal or Irish oats.

Gluten-free oat flakes

Our flakes offering consist of rolled oat flakes, jumbo oat flakes, muesli oat flakes, instant oat flakes and steel cut oat flakes. They differ from the size and bulk weight of the flake.


Gluten-free rolled oats

Package: 20 kg / big bag 
Gluten-free rolled oats are manufactured by processing and flattening oat kernels. Rolled oats hold their shape well during cooking and are ideal for granola bars, cookies, biscuits and other baked goods like muffins and cakes. Rolled oats are also known as old-fashioned oats or regular oats.


Gluten-free jumbo oat flakes

Package: 20 kg / big bag
Gluten-free jumbo oat flakes are manufactured by processing and flaking oat kernels. Great product for making thick and tasty porridge. Jumbo oat flakes have a slightly nutty taste profile. Ideal also for all kind of snack and porridge oats production.


Gluten-free muesli oat flakes

Package: 20 kg
Gluten-free muesli oat flakes are manufactured by processing and flaking oat kernels. Muesli oat flakes are thicker than jumbo flakes which makes them good option for muesli and granola production.


Gluten-free instant oat flakes

Package: 20 kg / big bag
Gluten-free instant oat flakes are manufactured by processing and flaking steel cut oat groats. Instant oats can be used similar ways as other flakes. However cooking time will be much less, and the final dish will not have as much texture.


Gluten-free steel cut oat flakes

Package: 20 kg / big bag
Gluten-free steel cut oat flakes are manufactured by processing and flaking steel cut oat groats. Steel cut oat flakes also called as small flakes or quick oats are suitable for porridge and all kinds of baking.

Gluten-free oat flour

We offer wholegrain and endosperm flours. Both of them are suitable products for dairy free milk and different gluten-free applications.


Gluten-free wholegrain oat flour

Package: 20 kg / big bag
Gluten-free wholegrain oat flour is suitable for sweet and savory baking. It is ground from oat flakes. Wholegrain oat flour is healthy flour option. Flour can replace easily up to 20% of the existing flour of a recipe. It contains a lot of protein 14g/100g and fiber 11g/100g. Gf wholegrain oat flour is nutritional addition to any gluten-free baking.


Gluten-free endosperm oat flour

Package: 20 kg / big bag
Gluten-free oat endosperm flour is produced from the inner parts of dehulled oats. Endosperm flour has less fiber than wholegrain flour and is suitable product for dairy-free milk & gluten-free production and for fine patisserie & bakery applications. It is easily dispersible because of low fiber content. Color is creamy and taste very neutral.

Upgrade your products with healthy oats

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