10 oat-ally awesome reasons why Raisio is the gluten-free oat expert

Oats probably aren’t the first thing people think of when they think gluten-free. But that may be about to change. Gluten-free oats are a great way to enhance a gluten-free diet, bringing much-needed fiber and flavor variety. Among producers of pure oats, Raisio has remained the leader. As gluten-free eating continues to boom, we’re ready to help consumers and producers benefit from gluten-free oats. Let’s find out more.


#1: Raisio has been the gluten-free oat expert for over 20 years

Raisio is a Finnish food company whose products focus on well-being, health, great taste, and sustainable development. Raisio began developing gluten-free flour mixes as long ago as 1979, the same year the Codex gluten-free standard was established. We were one of the first companies in the world to establish the pure oat supply chain in the early 2000s, and we updated this process with state-of-the-art technology in 2020. We were forerunners 20 years ago, and we are forerunners today. 


#2: Raisio owns a market-leading oat brand

Our famous oat brand, Elovena, is Finland’s market leader and includes various breakfast and snacking categories such as flakes, instant oatmeals, biscuits, granola, and non-dairy products. Elovena is expanding into the Netherlands and Belgium. Raisio also sells high-quality Finnish oat ingredients to the food industry in around 40 countries worldwide.


#3: 100% sustainably grown oats are the cornerstone of our gluten-free guarantee

At the heart of our processes are locally grown Finnish oats. All our high-quality oats come from trusted contract farmers within a 100-kilometer range of our mill. There are no middlemen – we know exactly where our oats have been sourced from and what type of growing conditions they had. A secure supply is ensured through multiple contract farmers. Moreover, our oat mill operates using 100% carbon-neutral energy, further enhancing our oats’ sustainability.

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#4: State-of-the-art gluten-free oat processing

We use the very latest innovations to guarantee our gluten-free oats are uncontaminated by gluten-containing grains. Our pure oat supply chain has been taken to the next level with proprietary cleaning and analysis processes. To keep us at the cutting edge, Raisio's research teams are up-to-date on oat-related issues and enable the development of oat raw materials and oat-based products in the future.


#5: Oat purity is a promise

To ensure purity, all incoming oat loads are classified and separated, with strict intake criteria regarding different foreign grains. Our oat grains undergo multiple purification phases to remove any foreign grains and other impurities, ensuring the highest quality standards. Analyses are made throughout the process, including checkpoints and quarantines. Each batch of end products is analyzed and released only after the results indicate purity.


#6: Secure and safe supply 

As the oat experts, we ensure the security of supply with short and transparent supply chains from field to mill. In addition to our domestic supply chain, our own highly automated oat mill guarantees the supply, safety, and quality of our food.


#7: A galaxy of gluten-free oat products

Our product range for the food industry includes various types of gluten-free oat ingredients and oat-based plant proteins. Additionally, we offer the manufacturing of oat drinks and oat flakes, either as private-label products or through collaborative development. Our expertise in oat processing allows us to create over 100 consumer products.


#8: Raisio’s in-depth oat knowledge is at your fingertips

Our comprehensive know-how means we can help you choose the optimal oat ingredients for your applications. Our expertise is driven by our extensive experience in utilizing oats in various food products, including oat bars, biscuits, non-dairy beverages, spoonables, bakery items, and plant proteins. On top of all this, we derive up-to-the-minute insights into consumer trends from our well-known consumer brands. We see it as a pleasure to share our oat knowledge with our partners.

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#9: Raisio is primed for partnership

At Raisio, we know what supporting a partner is all about. We’ve grown our products to an international scale, and we have experience in many types of collaboration. We know you cannot conquer the world alone: we all need support and cooperation. And that’s exactly what we provide.


#10: Oats offer an advantage in the gluten-free boom

Now, as consumers are increasingly excited about gluten-free eating, oats stand poised to bring their many benefits as gluten-free food to the table. Celiac disease is also becoming more common, meaning more people will be looking for enhanced nutritional value, taste, and variety in gluten-free diets. Oats offer all of these advantages. Are you ready to join the oatvolution?

For more information on our gluten-free oats, application support, or our gluten-free processes, contact our team.