Raisio's textured protein minces are the innovation the food industry has been waiting for

Food production plays a pivotal role in shaping our society, environment, and individual well-being. The importance of producing healthy food responsibly has never been more crucial, and we at Raisio Food Solutions are more than up for the challenge with our Textured Protein Minces.

With an unwavering focus on taste, quality, and nutritional excellence, Raisio Food Solutions is redefining the boundaries of the culinary landscape. Our Textured Protein Minces enable food manufacturers to take part in the vibrant fusion of tastes and textures while offering consumers healthier options brimming with nutritional value. 

All this can be achieved with our unique plant-based products of unmatched quality. For the impact-conscious, however, a truly remarkable achievement of Raisio’s plant-based selection is the exceptionally short length and established transparency of our supply chain. This equates to products of ironclad safety thanks to certified, primarily local raw materials of the absolute highest quality. For example, 97 percent of Raisio’s grains are produced in Finland.

For us at Raisio, the goal of developing and maintaining the responsibility of our entire supply chain is achieved by assessing the human rights impacts of the supply chain while minimizing all potential risks along the way.​ It is essential that the Raisio Supplier Code of Conduct is strictly followed to ensure responsible procurement.

Read more about Raisio’s Supplier Code of Conduct here.


At Raisio, responsible food production is a shared goal

Responsible food production is not merely a choice, but a collective responsibility we all share on a global scale. By understanding the significance of producing food responsibly, constant contributions can be made towards a more sustainable, equitable, and resilient food system. Responsible and transparent food production is a catalyst for positive change – but it is also a prerequisite for a healthy partnership between food industry professionals.

At Raisio, this ethos is embedded into the very soul of the company. Quality, responsibility, and sustainability aren’t buzzwords tossed around willy-nilly around here. Rather, they serve as a key part of our strategy and govern every facet of our daily work. We believe not only in high-quality, safe food production but in continuous, ever-evolving improvement.




A key display of this mindset in practice is our new double-punch of plant-based offerings: Beanit® Textured Fava Protein Mince and Beanit® Textured Oat-Plant Protein Mince. This thoroughly unique duo of plant-based ingredients is thought through from start to finish to offer food manufacturers an easily approachable, endlessly modifiable, and immensely inspirational new piece in the puzzle of food development.

As our guideline mandates, Raisio’s Beanit® line has been created with special attention towards excellent taste, the quality of fat, as well as the amount of fiber, sugar, and salt therein. We strive for the best possible combination of taste and healthiness, while producing food under the highest guidelines of a thoroughly transparent and short production cycle.

Our Beanit® line of Textured Protein Minces is an innovation in the realm of plant-based food unmatched by any other product on the market. Get in touch with us and turbocharge your products with the happiest food from Finland!


Ville Viksten

Export Manager, Plant Proteins 


+358 44 231 7906