Beanit® Fava bean mince potato salad

Beanit® plant proteins
0.5 kg Beanit® Fava bean mince, Unflavoured
0.8 kg potato, boiled
0.1 l olive oil
0.05 kg crushed garlic
0.01 kg ginger paste
0.1 kg red onion, julienned
0.003 kg spring onion or chives, chopped
0.002 kg salt
0.001 kg ground black pepper
5 pcs sprigs of dill
  1. Sauté the fava bean mince on a pan or bake
    in the oven until it is crisp. Let cool.
  2. Dice the potatoes and season them
    well. Place the fava bean mince in with the
    potatoes and transfer to a servicing dish.
  3. Garnish with dill.