Beanit ® Fava bean mince Sloppy Joe burger

Beanit® plant proteins
0.5 kg Beanit® Fava bean mince
0.05 kg onion, chopped
0.02 kg celery stalk, chopped
0.1 kg bell pepper, diced
0.005 kg crushed garlic
0.001 kg salt
0.002 kg ground black pepper
0.1 kg Worcestershire sauce
0.4 kg tomato, passata
4 pcs hamburger bun
0.05 kg crisp lettuce
4 pcs cheddar cheese, sliced (vegan)
  1. Prepare the hamburger filling and allow to sit.
  2. Slice open the buns. Toast the buns quickly in a pan or in the oven for a crisp surface. Add the cheese and lettuce to the bottom half of the bun. Spoon on the filling and place the top half of the bun on top.