Raisio's textured protein minces: The Golden Nugget the world has been waiting for

In an era marked by increasing environmental concerns, the culinary industry has a crucial role to play in fostering sustainability. On the forefront stands Finland’s Raisio Food Solutions, whose unique plant-based Textured Protein Minces are a shining light of responsibly produced ingredients – without diminishing returns on the spectrum of taste.

The greatest minds in the food industry are constantly on the lookout for new products that can achieve a lasting impact both in terms of kitchen applicability, quality of food, and sustainability. Look no further than Raisio Food Solutions, whose Beanit® Textured Fava Protein Mince and Beanit® Textured Oat-Plant Protein Mince encompass the lifeblood of a forward-thinking company spearheading a culinary revolution.

As the call for sustainability grows louder, incorporating plant-based products into professional kitchens is a powerful tool to shepherd environmental responsibility. By reducing environmental strain, promoting biodiversity, and inspiring consumer consciousness, plant-based ingredients have the potential to shape the future of the culinary landscape. 

However, this simply cannot come to fruition with products that aren’t easy to use and enjoyable to eat. Raisio’s Textured Protein Minces are not only unique plant-based products with a diminished ecological footprint – they are also simply way too tasty to be this good for both the planet and its inhabitants!



Raisio’s lofty goals for sustainable production are achieved by following five key tenets:

  • Environmentally friendly packaging
  • Environment and climate action
  • A sustainable food chain
  • Food professionals
  • Healthy food


Read more about Raisio’s sustainability efforts governed by the Good Food Plan in our interview with Raisio’s CLO Sari Koivulehto-Mäkitalo here.

Raisio’s Textured Protein Minces are healthy, brimming with protein, and easily adaptable to a variety of menus. Additionally, they are created with Raisio’s special attention towards every facet of the product’s contents. The sky-high nutritional value in Raisio’s products is the most substantial indication of the company’s core values in practice, syncing perfectly with Raisio’s transparent, sustainable, and ethical production model.

Raisio’s Beanit® Textured Fava Protein Mince and Beanit® Textured Oat-Plant Protein Mince are responsibly produced, and effortlessly applicable products of unrivaled quality in the field of plant-based cuisine. Your kitchen of tomorrow is simply not complete without them.

Get in touch with us and let’s get the ball rolling towards a healthier, more sustainable tomorrow – without sacrificing taste and texture along the way.


Ville Viksten

Export Manager, Plant Proteins 


+358 44 231 7906