The five pillars of awesome of Raisio's textured protein minces

Join us as we delve into the five key benefits of Raisio’s plant-based products, and why your company’s selection is not complete without Beanit’s Textured Protein Minces.


As the culinary landscape continues to evolve while quality expectations of customers rise, professional kitchens and the food industry are increasingly recognizing the value of incorporating plant-based products into their repertoire. Beyond catering to dietary restrictions and ethical considerations, adding plant-based ingredients offers many benefits that extend far beyond the realm of vegetarian and vegan cuisine.

Enter Finland’s own Raisio Food Solutions, whose uniquely produced selection of plant-based Textured Protein Minces is second to none. Raisio’s Beanit® Textured Fava Protein Mince and Beanit® Textured Oat-Plant Protein Mince are revered for their applicability and formidable protein content, not to mention the benefits of using locally sourced Nordic ingredients produced ethically and responsibly.

But what indeed are the key reasons that make Raisio’s products stand out from the crowd? Read on to find out!




Raisio’s Textured Protein Minces are formidably flexible as either the main or supplementary ingredient to an endless variety of dishes and food applications. Aside from their no-holds-barred applicability, Raisio’s meticulous product development ensures the products are easily approachable from all practical angles.

As famed chef and culinary stalwart Kim Palhus put it: “Everything is thought through for large-scale production, from temperature retention to package sizes.


Taste and texture

In essence, Raisio’s Beanit® products have a neutral taste and enjoyable mouth feel, which enables them to work effortlessly in tandem with other ingredients and spices. Both Protein Minces soak up flavors and colors very well, which means they are easily applied to provide a healthy, high-protein spin to a variety of foods.

Delve deeper into the tasty, texture-rich world of Beanit® Textured Protein Minces via our interview with chef Kim Palhus here.


Nutritional value

Beanit® Textured Fava Protein Mince (TFP60M) boasts a protein count of 63 percent, while Beanit® Textured Oat-Plant Protein Mince (TOP45M) is packed with a protein count of 48 percent with the added benefit of high-quality fiber (17%) and healthy soluble fiber beta-glucan (7%). That’s a lot of numbers to illustrate one simple fact: these products are good for you.

Having a high protein count isn’t the whole story, though – it’s the added sum of all the nutritional components. As Jan Tilsner, General Manager of the highly successful food wholesaler Jacobsen noted in our interview, unlike many of the other products crowding the plant-based market, Raisio’s products aren’t encumbered with a plethora of potentially unhealthy added ingredients.


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Responsible production

Raisio Food Solutions stands as a torchbearer for responsible food production, having implemented the renowned Good Food Plan as part of its Healthy Growth Strategy. This mentality is shared by everyone who works at Raisio, and it governs every facet of the company’s ethos – Food for Health, Heart, and Earth.

Read more about Raisio’s uniquely transparent and short production model, and how their Good Food Plan drives them to produce high-quality food with a sustainable ecological footprint here.



Unique is a term tossed around carelessly these days. However, as hyperbolic as it may sound at first glance, there really aren’t products on the market that can match Raisio’s selection. The key ingredients in all Raisio’s plant-based products are locally harvested Finnish fava beans and oats, which are the pride of the company.

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From enhancing flavor profiles to promoting sustainability, implementing Raisio’s Textured Protein Minces into your product line brings a whole new world of culinary opportunities. The biggest advantage of bringing Raisio’s plant-based products to your selection? To put it bluntly: you simply won’t find products like these anywhere else.

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us and let us help you offer your clientele new ways to experience even healthier and mouth-watering cuisine with Raisio’s Textured Protein Minces! We are looking forward to hearing from you.


Ville Viksten

Export Manager, Plant Proteins


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