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Beanit Sushi Bowl

Beanit® Fava bean mince sushi bowl

1.000 kg Beanit® Fava bean mince, Unflavoured 2.5 kg
0.020 kg miso paste
0.010 l sesame seed oil, toasted
1.500 kg sushi rice, boiled
0.150 l rice vinegar
0.010 kg sugar
0.002 kg salt
5 pc avocado
0.050 l lemon juice
0.700 kg carrots, kale, red cabbage, julienned
0.010 kg spring onions, chopped
0.005 kg sesame seeds
0.25 pc nori, strips
Cooking method
  1. Boil the sushi rice, season and cool. Sauté the fava bean mince and season with the miso paste and sesame oil. Let cool.
  2. Julienne the cabbage and kale, season with rice vinegar. Dice the avocados and season with lemon juice.
  3. Assemble the bowls: rice on the bottom and other ingredients on top in sectors.
  4. Garnish.